Ian Moore is

A Web Designer
Perfect Websites For Every Screen

I design websites. Below are just a few examples of my work.

National Cave Rescue Commission

From the 90s HTML to Modern HTML 5

Rebuilt from the ground up with the goal of making the website and the folder structure an easier to manage, understand and maintain

A Minecraft Server

A beautiful modern website for a Minecraft server that I once ran

Unfortunately the domain is not active and I have not yet moved it here, but a snapshot is available to view right now

Want your own site?
Hire Me!

You can hire me to design for you a modern website that is both mobile friendly and great looking, all at a reasonable price

I'm based near Albany, New York and am easy to get in contact with

A Photographer
Who Takes Photos

Check out my photos on 500px.

A Programmer
Who Programs

Just a few links to things I've been working on.